Welcome to WordPress!

The information in this site is generally applicable to any WordPress site, but as background, the site exists to support Tech-Tamer clients as they set about learning to use a site we’ve built for them. the site began as material for a community education course we taught, however, so there is some additional background information. We hope it’s helpful to any who visit.

This site assumes that you have a WordPress site installed and running; if you’re not quite there yet, see Options for Building a Website (aka “Why WordPress?”).

Get Started

Log in. In order to change anything on your site, you need to log in to get to the part that only a site owner (aka editor or administrator) can see.  Go to www.yoursite.com/wp-admin. Instead of seeing the site as it appears to visitors, you’ll see a log in box.  Enter your user name (not your email address!*) and password. You’ll arrive at the WordPress Dashboard.  This is where you go to do anything related to the site.

Where you go next depends on what you’re trying to do.  If you have no idea, try one of these:

Otherwise, please visit the All Articles page to find the articles on this site grouped by category.

*By default, WordPress requires you to log in with a User Name. It’s easy to add a plugin to allow you to log in using your email address if you prefer, though.