Create newspaper-style columns out of a list of items

NOTE: This function depends on having the tt-columnizer plugin installed and activated.

To turn a list of item into newspaper-style columns, you need to add a small code where you want the columns to start, and another where they end:

[columnize] before the first item
[/columnize] after the last item

You add the codes right in the text (the brackets tell WordPress to interpret the contents as a command rather than to output the text of the command itself).


  • Each item must be on a separate line or in a separate paragraph. Blank lines are ignored.
  • The default is 2 columns; if you want something else, add columns=”#”, to the starting code, e.g.: [columnize columns=”3″ ].
  • The styling is flexible — the default is a table layout, but a list or other styling is possible – contact us for details.