Forms: An Introduction to Gravity Forms

To include forms on a WordPress site, you need a plugin. One of the most popular plugins available is Gravity Forms, which is what this article describes. Once Gravity Forms is installed, you will see a new item in your admin menu labeled Forms.

To add a new form, edit an existing form, or delete a form, select Forms from the Forms menu on the main administrative dashboard menu.

Forms entry on dashboard menuv

This will take you to a list of the forms on your site (a list that looks very much like the All Posts or All Pages lists).  To create a new form, click the Add New button; to edit an existing form, locate it in the list and double-click its name to open it in editing view.

Add a new form

The editing view for a form has a horizontal menu across the top, the body of the form in the main section, and boxes to the right offering different types of form fields.

Screenshot of form editing screen

Form editing screen

The image above is for a new form, one without any content.  But if you are editing a form, the various parts of your form will appear in the main section.  As you hover over any part, that form section will highlight, and you’ll see an option to Edit that section.

Edit a form section

Clicking Edit will open that area for making changes:

Screenshot of Form section opened for editing