Forms: Editing existing form fields

To include forms on a WordPress site, you need a plugin. One of the most popular plugins available is Gravity Forms, which is what this article describes. Once Gravity Forms is installed, you will see a new item in your admin menu labeled Forms.

The areas available for editing will depend on the type of form field.  The first section in any form will be the Settings section for the whole form, which offers a spot for a title and some introductory text — plus a tab called Confirmation, where you can add or edit the message a user sees when they have successfully edited a form.

Edit form settings section

A checkbox field, on the other hand, will offer the ability to add or edit the checkbox items:

Screenshot of editing a checkbox form section

Other types of fields will have different areas available for editing, but most are fairly self-explanatory.  If you are ever in doubt about the purpose of an area, be sure to hover over the small question mark to get some explanation:

Form help text

Once your click the blue Update Form button (or Save Form, if it’s a new form) in the lower right, your changes will be saved.  If your form already appears on a page, it will automatically be updated.

Form update button