Gravity Forms: Viewing or Exporting Entries

To include forms on a WordPress site, you need a plugin. One of the most popular plugins available is Gravity Forms, which is what this article describes. Once Gravity Forms is installed, you will see a new item in your admin menu labeled Forms.

To view the entries a form has received, choose Entries from either of two places:

From the main Forms submenu:

Form entries from main submenu

Or, if you’re already looking at the list of forms on your site, you can choose Entries from the small pop-up menu that appears when you hover over the form name in the list of all forms:

Form entries from popup menu in list of forms

The Entries list will show you all the submissions to your form in a table-type presentation.  You can adjust which columns are displayed and how wide they are,* but many forms just contain too much information for this area to be a realistic way of viewing it.  In that case, you can just download entries into a spreadsheet file and manage it that way.

To export any or all of a form’s data, choose Import/Export from the main Forms submenu, select the correct form, and then select the fields you want to export as well as the date range for the data you want.

Forms select data to export

*To change which columns are displayed and/or the order the columns appear in, click the Cog icon in the upper right corner:

Cog icon on Form Entries list

Cog icon on Form Entries list

And then drag and drop columns between Active and Inactive:

Choose columns and column order

Choose columns and column order