First and foremost, WordPress itself is the place to go for help. In the upper righthand area on almost all administrative screens you’ll find a “Help” option with information specific to the page or area that you’re on.  Try this first — you may be surprised how helpful it can be!

But if you’re looking for more, there are many options. Most information about WordPress that you’ll find on the internet at large is concerned with self-hosted WordPress. (If you’re building a site on, you’ll want to start at, where you’ll find lots of guides and tutorials.)

For self-hosted WordPress installations, the WordPress Codex is a great place to start. This is the official repository of information about the software. Other good resources include:

Books on WordPress

Since WordPress pushes out a significant update every 6 months or so, it’s pretty hard for book publishers to keep up with it.  We’ve read more than one WordPress book that was thrown together in a hurry and didn’t offer what we thought was very useful guidance.

The most useful book we’ve yet found is called Digging into WordPress.  It’s mainly available from its companion website,, as either a downloadable pdf or a printed book (these are fairly expensive and limited in supply however).  One advantage of this book is that your purchase includes free updates.  This isn’t a book for complete beginners, but it is comprehensive and well written.

Here are some other books that we have not read, but that others seem to like: